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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

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    I've written an essay on Christopher Priest's fiction (shortly to appear in a splendid book from the SF Foundation) and, going over the proofs tonight, I find I've written, of the resolution of The Glamour: "the book’s eventual resolution, with Richard beginning a relationship with his hypnotist from the hospital and sending Susan a post, seems almost a formality." Feel free to add "wooden dialogue" jokes in the comments. No, really.

    And, while you're at it, read about the woman who wants to abolish the apostrophe.

    Am pondering a post on Doctor Who which keeps getting longer each time I look at it. But one observation first: almost all of the discussion of the series seems to be tied up with either scripts or performances. The visual style of it seems to me extremely distinctive and almost unremarked so far. So many shots are of a neutral-ish background, with one or more brightly (often primary) coloured blobs in front of it. And if the blob is a character, it gets identified with a colour and stays like that. Hence, for instance, giving the Daleks their makeover into bronze rather than either of the old grey or white versions. Hence, for instance giving the sonic screwdriver its nice blue effect (identifies it with the TARDIS, among other things.) Hence, in general, the very supersaturated look of, well, everything. (Most of the above based of re-viewing "Rose" and "The End of  the World", but I'd bet it holds up looking at the others.)

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